Mikz Alliance is a global alliance of influencer networks, agencies and PR firms committed to making influencer marketing more open and seamless in order to drive new business opportunities and increase sales for its members.

Members get a white label, full featured and hosted management platform for scalable influencer marketing – connected to the Mikz Alliance international sales network.


The first network of influencer marketplaces worldwide

We believe a common IT platform can dramatically improve the competitiveness of influencer marketing.

Influencer marketing is here to stay. But influencer marketing is still in its early days and the big marketing budgets are still with traditional media.

Instead of competing for the same marketing budgets, the market should collaborate for success.

Selling influencer marketing to a larger market segment requires fully automated processes.

Manual processes are time-consuming, expensive and complex. They are both an issue in terms of management and lost opportunities, thus making influencer marketing hard to scale.

Sharing a common IT platform will not only reduce costs and improve software quality. Linked together as a network – members build up one global sales network of autonomous marketplaces.

We believe influencer marketing requires collaboration, commitment to openness and a shared vision for the future

  • The first network of influencer marketplaces worldwide
  • Shared development costs ensure a leading-edge management platform for scalable influencer marketing
  • Collaboration enables members to gain wide-scale access to influencers and media buyers
  • Members stay independent, build their own brand and maintain customer relationships
  • Significant but smaller influencers and media buyers become economically viable
  • Media buyers benefit from having one single point of contact and can increase order sizes


Add your brand, logo and identity – and you are ready to go

Members get their own branded management platform for influencer marketing with all the roles and features needed to run an influencer agency at scale.

Features include full automation support, statistics and reporting, payment engines and much more – users are able to monitor campaign reach, engagement and effectiveness in a transparent manner.

The platform has a built-in 360 business system with CRM support to plan and control your influencer business – invoicing and accounting APIs are available. The platform is hosted in the cloud and configured for each member.

Members get access to our global sales network and stay independent

Members’ platforms are linked through a global booking engine, and together form one global sales network. The network offers collaboration between members and gives media buyers access to a larger market where campaign budgets can be increased.

Unlike traditional marketplaces for influencer marketing, Mikz Alliance members stay independent, build their own brand, keep customer relationships and data, cannot be by-passed and control marketplace fee settings.

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The road to success – focus on your core competence

  • No investments in tools and technology development
  • Complimentary hosting, education and second line support
  • Less time-to-market and risk of making mistakes
  • Reduced costs and improved software quality
  • Automatic feature updates
  • Connected to the Mikz Alliance global booking engine and ad server
  • A membership model based on revenue share


Mikz Alliance members become stronger together

Optional functionality is such functionality that may be added to the Mikz Alliance standard functionality according to a separate agreement between the Parties.

Mikz Licensing AB reserves the right, at any time, to modify the Mikz Alliance standard functionality by making notices of such modifications on Modifications will be effective immediately upon posting such notices on

Standard branding including logo, colour and
font changes
Complimentary hosting
Education and second line support
Content marketing
Premium display advertising
Native advertising
Advanced statistics and analytics
CRM functionality
Self-service accounts for media buyers and influencers
Payment processor for online checkout
Connected to Mikz Alliance global booking engine and ad server
Full Mikz Alliance member
Several markets and URLs
Extended branding and localization
Complimentary Intercom first line support
License to Mikz WordPress blog platform
Integration with local invoicing partners
Integration with proprietary accounting system
Integration with own ad server

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16 influencer marketplaces working in harmony

Our members include many of the world’s top influencer networks, agencies and PR firms. Together they form a vast global network of influencers and media buyers.

All countries asia europe
  • Launching soon Asymmetrique, India
  • Launching soon Blue Digital Media, India
  • Launching soon CrystalEyes, India
  • Launching soon Easy Line Up, Taiwan
  • Launching soon eVanik, India
  • Launching soon Geek Creative Agency, India
  • Launching soon Influencers Community, India
  • Launching soon Intelliber, India
  • Launching soon Irish Blogger Agency, Ireland
  • Launching soon Mediareach Advertising, UK
  • Launching soon Nirman, India
  • Launching soon Sinclair Communications, Hong Kong
  • Launching soon UI Market Norway, Norway
  • Launching soon UI Market Sweden, Sweden
  • Launching soon Viral Influencers, India
  • Launching soon Wetravelsolo, India
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Mikz Alliance is an initiative by Mikz Licensing AB.

Mikz was founded in February 2011. Our first customer was United Influencers – one of the leading influencer marketing agencies in Scandinavia. We are a part of the Danir Group and a sister company to the international IT consulting firm Sigma with 3,300 employees in 11 countries.

Our mission is to make influencer marketing as open and seamless as possible. Today, we offer the most complete white label management platform for scalable influencer marketing in the world.

We dedicate ourselves to your success, offering a multi-tiered system of benefits.

For more information, please contact us.


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