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MIKZ Alliance is an initiative by MIKZ
Licensing AB.

MIKZ was founded in February 2011. We are a part of the Danir Group and a sister company to the international IT consulting firm Sigma with 4,000 employees in 11 countries. As a technology company first, we are all about creating solutions to help businesses scale whilst creating smooth technology experiences for their users.
Over the last 6 years we have had 55 dedicated developers building the MIKZ Alliance with the sole vision of making the influencer marketing industry better - both locally and globally. We achieve this by being the world’s leading global alliance of independent members working together in order to grow the overall influencer marketing industry.

Add your brand, logo and identity
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Members get their own leading-edge personalized cloud-based platform for scalable influencer marketing. Your platform is pre-connected to the first and only global booking engine, enabling our members to Identify, Activate, Distribute and Measure campaigns in an interconnected and transparent network.
Features include full automation, support, statistics and reporting, dashboards, powerful campaign prediction tools, payment engines and much more – users are able to monitor campaign reach, engagement and effectiveness in a transparent manner in real time seamlessly.

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