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Top 5 benefits

– Makes you more money, faster
– You don’t need to sign up with several platforms
– Get exposure to new briefs within the whole Mikz Alliance
– Simple-to-use dashboards
– Transparent payments

Stop searching for the best marketplace to join – join them all.

Join one of the member platforms within Mikz Alliance and you will automatically come up in searches from any member platform.

Mikz Alliance member platforms are connected and our single opt-in feature makes sure you don’t miss any opportunities. As soon as you have opted-in to a member platform of your choice, you can engage with any brand or buyer agency in the whole Mikz Alliance.

Some member platform provide full support and some offer self-service. You decide if you want to reply to campaigns and negotiate deals yourself or get support by an influencer network.

Through your dashboard, you can search for public campaigns and monitor your payments in real time.

Join one of our member platforms today.