the world's first influencer marketing global booking engine

PR Agency

Run and grow the influencer side of your business seamlessly using a simple to use platform that will automate and streamline campaigns.

Maintain + Connect

Create revenue from the existing influencer relationships you have whilst simultaneously be able to Identify, Activate, Distribute and Measure campaigns all from one simple-to-use dashboard that will change the way you work forever.

Many PR & Communications Agencies are still using cloud docs, emails and spreadsheets to run influencer campaigns. Manual processes are time-consuming, expensive and complex. They are both an issue in terms of management and lost opportunities, thus making influencer marketing hard to scale. There must be a better way!

It’s all done for you

Introducing the MIKZ Alliance which gives you the technology platform that allows your business to work smarter. When you join as a member you automatically become connected with other members of the alliance so you can do business quickly, easily and transparently as part of the same inter-connected global network.

Not only do you benefit from one consistent way to utilise and leverage your current influencer relationships, but you also have the added advantage to be able to quickly find, negotiate and run campaigns with any influencer via our global booking engine making it a seamless and smooth user experience so you can increase sales and lower your costs.

Top 5 Benefits

  • Measure and manage campaigns in a consistent and transparent way
  • Offer campaign projections and measure campaign performance in real-time
  • Send proposals and independent campaign reports to clients seamlessly
  • All data is authentic and real-time
  • Create in depth client campaign reports instantly with a click of a button

What does the automated journey look like

  1. Take the brief from the client
  2. Search existing influencers on books using powerful prediction tools
  3. Search additional influencers in network to find the perfect fit for each particular brief
  4. Negotiate costs and scope with influencers
  5. Run & Manage campaigns using full suite of built in campaign tools
  6. Get content approvals via ’chat thread’ in the cloud (no more emails)
  7. Reporting & Analytics done with one click – During & post campaign results
  8. Payments made to influencers inside platform
  9. All commissions paid to any or all agencies

Book your live personal DEMO today.

Find out how to scale your business and make influencer marketing a smooth experience.
  • Identify, Activate, Measure and Manage campaigns all from one simple-to-use personal dashboard.
  • Reduce costs, grow revenues and free up smart brains.
  • Members are independent and maintain their own customer and influencer databases.
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